GEMS | What is the GEMS Project?

2020, GEMS / Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

GEMS is the acronym for " Genome-wide Epistasis for cardiovascular severity in Marfan Study ».

The objective of GEMS is identify protective modifier genes (= epistatic genes) within the whole human genome that can explain the variability in cardiovascular disease found in people with Marfan syndrome. Such a discovery would make it possible to envisage new therapeutic avenues that would replicate the protective effects identified to prevent cardiovascular accidents.

This research is at the centre of the Fondation 101 Génomes. It is led by Professor Bart Loeys and the entire scientific committee of the 101 Marfan Genome Project.

During the ABSM 20th Anniversary Gala, Professor Bart Loeys presented the GEMS project during his intervention entitled « GEMS - An evocation of ongoing research... ». This presentation and its support are available on the F101G website.

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