"There is a need to establish a legal framework that fits as well as possible with research activities" by Michael Lognoul

Capsule, 2018 /Friday, June 8th, 2018

1. can you introduce yourself?

My name is Michael Lognoul. I am a researcher at the Research Centre for information, law and societies at the Faculty of law of the University of Namur. I started a PhD recently and I am an Assistant in topics that deal with information law, computer science and the Internet.

2. Why do you support the project 101 genomes Marfan of the Fondation 101 Génomes ?

I met Romain now almost two years ago by doing a legal internship in his law firm at the time he decided to launch this project with Ludivine and at the time I was able to help him on issues of privacy, processing of personal data related to all these topics of research via bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and big data.

3. is there any potential with these new technologies?

Certainly. We have the opportunity to use, for judicious purposes, tools of new technologies that help to keep hope to heal children like that of Romain and Ludivine and many others.

4. Why is it important that there be collaboration between scientists and Jurists?

For the simple reason that the legal framework, at the moment, has been quite strongly shaken by the entry into force of the General Regulation on the protection of personal data. There is therefore a need to establish a legal framework that sticks as much as possible to research activities that are initiated by scientists.

Michael Lognoul, Master in law,
Researcher at the information, law and societies Research Centre (CRIDS),
Faculty of law of the University of Namur


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