Filigranes evening with Philippe Geluck for the benefit of the Fondation 101 Génomes

2021 / Monday, November 8th, 2021

On 29 November 2021 from 8 to 11 pm, Marc Filipson will open the doors of Filigranes at Fondation 101 Génomes (F101G) in the presence of Philippe Geluck, Fred Jannin, Gilles Dal and many other authors. During this evening, 20% of the amount of the purchases as well as the totality of the receipts of the bar will be donated to the F101G.

In 2019, Marc Filipson attended a presentation of the Fondation 101 Génomes (F101G) where he promised to support us. Marc has kept his word and this year he has included the F101G in the 'charity evenings - the pleasure of giving, sharing...and getting togetherwhich he is organising at Filigranes Avenue des Arts in Brussels.

The principle of Marc's evening is simple: Marc has invited Philippe Geluck, Fred Jannin, Gilles Dal, Geneviève Damas, Anouchka Sikorsky, Michel Van Zeveren, Eric Boschman And Thomas Lavachery to sign their works on the evening of 29 November and 20% of the sales of the evening and the entire proceeds of the Cafffé will be donated to the Fondation 101 Génomes.

We therefore invite you to join us in numbers on 29 November, to meet the authors, have a drink with us, eat and buy your end-of-year gifts to please your loved ones while supporting the F101G. 

For those who don't know, in addition to a very nice offer of books and comics (in French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese), Filigranes also offers winess, the board gamess, the toys and many other products that will delight young and old.

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If you can't make it that night, please feel free to make your own online orders between 22 and 29 November on by introducing the code " 101 GENOMES "(in capital letters) to ensure that 20% of your online purchases are donated to Fondation 101 Génomes.

Finally, you can always support directly the F101G by making a tax-deductible donation or online via the interface provided by the King Baudouin Foundationor by transfer to the account BE10-0000-0000-0404 together with the structured communication +++017/1730/00036+++.

Proceeds from the Filigranes evening will be dedicated to funding bioinformatics research on Marfan syndrome conducted by a Franco-Belgian team.

Thanks again to Marc for organising this evening for the benefit of Fondation 101 Génomes !

Don't hesitate to talk about it around you, it's a wonderful opportunity to get together!

See you on 29 November!

Ludivine & Romain

Address of the day Avenue des Arts, 39-42, 1040 Brussels (parking: 41, Avenue des Arts)
Information, volunteer opportunities and offers of support for the evening of 29 November  : or +32 (0)476/87.18.63

! IMPORTANT! The Covid Safe Ticket is mandatory.
Bring this document with you on the day! 


About Filigranes

The Filigranes bookshop has been located on the Avenue des Arts in Brussels since 1989. Marc Filipson has made it one of the most important places in Brussels where you can stroll through the shelves, read while drinking a coffee or listen to the authors during presentations and book signings. Filigranes has built its reputation on high-quality services: a wide range of books in several languages, meetings and signings with authors, coffee and snacks, mini-concerts, a large selection of comics and children's toys, etc. Filigranes is the largest bookshop in Belgium: it has a surface area of 2,600 m² and is open 7 days a week. Its turnover places it in the top 5 of independent European bookshops.

For many years, Marc Filipson has been organising charity evenings for the benefit of various philanthropic organisations:

About the authors

Philippe Geluck

Philippe Geluck is a Belgian artist born in Brussels on 7 May 1954. He is best known as the author of the comic book series The Cat. He also participates in several television programmes as a columnist, notably in collaboration with Laurent Ruquier.


Fred Jannin and Gilles Dal

Fred Jannin and Gilles Dal are the authors of Belgian Brol, published by Jungle, May 2021.

«The future will be Belgian or it will not be: What if the Earth became completely Belgian? In a few years, Belgium will have conquered the world. This is the starting point of the new opus by Gilles Dal, doctor in history, and Fred Jannin, cartoonist, both regular contributors to C'est presque sérieux. This third volume, Belgian Brol, after Comment devenir belge and Comment redevenir belge, closes the trilogy with a bang".


Geneviève Damas

Geneviève Damas is a Belgian writer, actress and director.

She is the author of If you cross the river "award-winning " Patricia », « Mr André "and " Bluebird "released in 2021.


Anouchka Sikorsky

Anouchka Sikorsky is a writer, presenter, journalist and producer of various programmes (RTBF and RTL), born in Liege on 1 October 1955. Her parents are from Poland and Ukraine. She is the author of " Dracula est Bruxellois " éditions Dricot, 2021, of " Confidences au Touquet "Dricot Editions, 2018, " Disappearance in Liege "Dricot Publishing, 2016, " Murder in Rixensart: Small Scruples and Great Virtue "Dricot Publishing, 2014, " The Mirage Box », 2013, « Crime in Louvain La Neuve "Luc Pire, 2012.


Michel Van Zeveren

Michel Van Zeveren was born in 1970 in Ghent. He enrolled at the Graphic Research School (Erg) to do cartoons. There, he preferred to take an illustration course, and children's books in particular, so that he could tell his own stories. Today, he divides his time between books, comics and collaborations with various magazines.

Eric Boschman

Eric Boschman is a world-famous Belgian sommelier and humorist.

« Performances : "Neither god nor master but red": a one-wine show about the vines and wines of the world. Drastically impertinent, an improvised teacher, he crosses the great History, and takes us through the vineyards of Greece to Lebanon, from Chile to Argentina and Europe. And from trip to trip, he puts us head over heels and intoxicates us with anecdotes as much as with this nectar that has accompanied our lives for thousands of years. As a passionate man, Eric Boschman shares his "gay knowledge" in the manner of a modern Rabelais, with a lot of wit and a certain irreverence. "The Beer Age": the show that foams. In November 2021, he will perform his show on wines at the Profond'ément Drôle Festival, a comedy festival in Profondeville (Namur). »

Thomas Lavachery

« Thomas Lavachery is an art historian and filmmaker. He started out as a comic strip artist, publishing short stories in the weekly magazine Tintin. For the newspaper La Croix, he adapted Roland Topor's Téléchat series into comics. He is the author of documentaries and made a film about his grandfather's (Henri Lavachery, archaeologist) expedition to Easter Island in 1934. He is best known as a writer of novels aimed at teenage readers; he is particularly popular for the adventures of Bjorn the Morphir (heroic fantasy), which has eight volumes. He has adapted this saga into a comic book with the collaboration of the artist Thomas Gilbert. In 2018 and 2021, the triennial Grand Prix for Children's Literature of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation was awarded to the author and illustrator Thomas Lavachery for the whole of his work. A work that is both protean and coherent, where we meet friendly trolls, wacky monkeys, stunted dragons, emboldened warriors and a green family. News: recent release of the novel "The Circle": finally free of obligations and the judgement of others, a retired man begins a new life that he hopes will be rich in bicycle explorations and encounters. »


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