Géraldine Van der Auwera, 101 Genomes advisor and author of "Genomics in the Cloud".


Géraldine Van der Auwera is a talented researcher from Brussels. She lives in the USA, where she worked for many years at the Broad Institute (co-created by MIT and Harvard University). She is the author of one of the very first books devoted to the alliance between the Cloud and genomics, and has contributed to the [...]

January 31, 2023

Colby T. Ford, our cloud architect


Since June 2022, the Genomic Cloud of 101 Genomes is operational. To date, this bioinformatics biobank (Bio-Biobank) is probably already one of the largest genomic databases (WGS) of Marfan syndrome patients in the world (if not the largest). And everything is set for it to keep growing! [...]

February 7, 2023